Non Fabricated Products are in stock and ready to ship unless a YELLOW note is in the description

TracTuff is growing and the website is seeing an increase in visitors as well as an increase in support questions. I'm happy to answer your questions, but please understand that it can take time to respond. Many questions are already answered on the website, so please do your best and read the resources that have been put in place to save you from having to wait on me to respond.

I have assembled two pages (one is picture based and one is info based) to help with many of the common questions that are asked; please look at the following pages if the products description leaves you with questions. 

The "FAQ" page
The "Whats What" page

 If you still have questions after reading the product description or either of the two pages above, I welcome you to send an email through the Contact page. I promise, it will be treated as a priority and I will get back to you as quickly as possible! 

ETA's!! 98% of products that have any amount of welding involved are MADE to ORDER. This is the only way that I can offer all the intricate details that make the product unique to you and your setup. Unfortunately this also means that there is a wait list. The wait list is ALWAYS fluctuating. "IF" you need an ETA for a FABRICATED part, please send your request via the contact page PRIOR to ordering.

Please DO NOT request an ETA after you have placed an order! PayPal no longer refunds the PayPal fee, so at a MINIMUM you will not get this back if you change your mind. Also, if I've spent an amount of time that I feel is significant, I am also reserving the right to collect an internal admin fee prior to the refund. I'm not hiding this stuff... its simple; it takes time to process orders (entering and/ or refunding), answering email's, DM's, PM's, and phone call's and I'm going to collect for it if you don't like the ETA given AFTER YOU PLACED AN ORDER. 

Time is the most valuable thing on earth... you can never get it back! Don't waste mine.