!!Please take the time to read the info on this page!!

Everyone should read the following info prior to emailing or asking questions via social media. The points made here are important and will definitely save us both time, energy, frustration and ultimately improve the overall shopping experience. 

The brand is growing and the website is seeing a surge in visitors, this surge has resulted in an increase in questions; some good questions... but mostly questions that are already asked and answered, which is bad! Rather than focusing on fabricating your parts and getting orders out... I am spending critical time fielding questions that are already answered in the product description(s) or FAQ section. Please help me stay productive by reading the info provided, completely. 

If you still have questions after reading the complete product description and/ or the info on the FAQ page, I welcome you to send a email through the Contact page. I promise, it will be treated as a priority! Question or questions that have already been asked and answered on the site... I will NOT be treated as priority and will be answered as time permits.

ETA's!! Almost, if not ALL products that have any amount of welding involved, are MADE to ORDER products! That means it is made for you! It also means that there is a wait list. The wait list is ALWAYS fluctuating. "IF" you need an ETA, PLEASE ask just prior to placing your order. Delay in placing your order and it may render your ETA inaccurate.