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  • TractTuff J Series RWD Water Pump Inlet


    When I made the M28 to -16 port adapters I had no plans on making something to hold the water pumps inlet tube; I figured the end-user would get creative and come up with something. After months of requests, I decided to dive into the issue and devise a solution. 

    A welded up version of the DIY kit with a couple of options to suit your needs! The kit starts with a block bushing that has a machined shoulder that stops against the block, 1-1/4" counter-bore to receive the 1-1/4" u-bend, and an o-ring groove to accept the OEM crossover tube o-ring. The u-bend is a 1-1/4" on a 2.00" CLR. The billet triangle has a 1.290" bore, allowing for some misalignment, as well as slotted mounting holes which give additional flexibility with misalignment as well as accommodate for engines that may have had cylinder head or block work done that affect the deck height.

    When welding this combo together, you have two choices on where the billet triangle gets mounted. You can either have it mounted in front of the belt cover backing plates or behind. The front option is more aesthetically pleasing (in my opinion) but does create a problem if you ever want to remove the inlet. There is no way to slide it out of the block... well, unless you remove the belt, the cam gears, and then the backing plates. Mounting the billet triangle to the backside solves that issue but you may find that screwing in the bolts is a bit awkward. The choice is yours!

    The other option is in regard to the connection type; standard hose, -16 male flare, or -20 male flare. Both male flare options use unique bungs that stay in place while trying to mock everything up, a little more expensive but the time it would take otherwise would end up costing the same, this just ensures it looks great too!

    NOTE: -20 bungs are purchased as regular bungs... HUGE! I manually turn them down per job and that adds $$$. I do not stock them modified and I dont sell enough to justify mass producing them like I do with the -16. For this reason, I do not offer the -20 in the DIY kit, its only an option here.