TracTuff 1/8" BSPT Fitting

TracTuff 1/8" BSPT Fitting


All Honda's and many imports use a 1/8" BSPT female thread to install the factory oil pressure sending unit and these rather uncommon threads make it hard to add accessories without damaging the fine threads in the block. Our well thought out solution is unique and clean! getting oil to your turbo, aftermarket pressure gauge, and/ or accessory without damaging the oem oil pressure port threads. 

One end of our custom fitting is Male 1/8" BSPT (perfect oem match) and the other is either a -3 or -4 AN Male, eliminating the need to purchase an additional fitting and most importantly... another place for a possible oil leak! We offer them with and without a port on the body of the fitting; which will allow you to install the factory oil pressure sending unit or any other accessory that threads into a female 1/8" BSPT port. We can also switch from 1/8" BSPT to NPT or add a second 1/8" BSPT or NPT port on request.

NOTE! I do NOT recommend adding large aftermarket oil pressure/ temperature sensors to the block adapter! I have never heard of one failing but it is a bad idea to add anything more than the OEM pressure switch and an additional 1/8" NPT to -3 or -4 fitting for sending oil to something remotely. Weight, heat and vibration are evil. If you have multiple things that need oil, a pressure or temp source... consider my remote oil log.