TracTuff Billet Water Neck w/ Filler Rear Wheel Drive K Swap - PRB

TracTuff Billet Water Neck w/ Filler Rear Wheel Drive K Swap - PRB


Here's a RWD version of the PRB/ PRC style water neck with a filler port for those of you swapping 2.0L's into a RWD chassis or swapping heads on the 2.4L bottom-ends! Just like the RBB/ RBC style... this should reduce the headache of finding a traditional hose that would work instead of using a combination of multiple radiator hoses joined with numerous clamps or rigid aluminium tubing that has been fabricated to navigate the engine bay.

Originally modeled after the S2000 manifold attached to the k series head via an adapter plate, a jig was made, and adjusted to fit both the S2000 manifold as well as the Skunk2 Ultra Street manifold with the plenum flipped. The end of the tube is VERY similar to the OEM S2000 water neck position so the S2000 upper radiator hose is now able to be retained. Customers have shared that this is useful in a number of other RWD K Series applications.

NOTE: Made to Order - Usually 1-2 day lead but contact for ETA - If you are interested in a specific design, say a swirl tank, we can make on request. Please email for additional info. The tube is welded so that it sits as the OEM neck does when bolted to an engine with a 15° lean to the passenger side (exhaust side).