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  • TracTuff K Electric Water Pump Mount


    The K24A/A2/A4/A8 & K20Z3 mount is on back order as of 1/18/21 - It will be a few weeks before they are back on the shelf. If this note is up, they are still on back order so no need to send emails asking what the status is.

    The TracTuff Electric Water Pump Mount is the ORIGINAL and still the cleanest way to mount the 20 GPM Meziere electric pump on a K Series engine! The design greatly reduces the space and hassle associated with mounting a remote water pump. 

    The mount is designed around the Meziere WP136S and makes it easy for the end-user to use a variety of fittings, due to the lateral adjustment of the plate, allowing for -12 or -16 fittings to be used regardless of each companies unique bend radius'. Just install the pump loosely and slide it left to right until the hose is straight... and tighten!

    I offer the matching Meziere WP136S electric water pump as well as a street water pump delete kit and an pump hose kit that gets water from the pump to the plate.