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  • TracTuff Oil Pump Baffle


    Our very first product was a timing chain cover baffle that got sandwiched between the oil pan and block... it limited the amount of oil that would be allowed to slosh up the timing chain cover under hard left-hand turns. This is the evolution of that product...

    We've always been restricted by the shape of the pump so it makes sense that oil pan baffles have been designed around it. So we did just that! We designed something that bolts to the pump and follows the contours of the pan, keeping oil closer to the pick-up by not allowing it to travel up the timing chain side as well as allowing oil to return to the pan via the trap-doors once out of the turn. 

    Update: The doors on the oil pump baffle will now have four small bends (two per door) to keep the doors from sticking to the main plate once wet. Product photos do not reflect this as we have not had an opportunity to re-shoot the changes.

    If you don't have a tap... be sure to add it to your order or purchase a pump or conversion kit already tapped.

    Please note the RBC Pump in RBC Pan and Type S Pump in R40 Pan options are all still handmade and require two weeks to ship.

    Installation Notes:

    1. Lower oil pump chain tensioner bolt hole is not completely threaded and needs to be tapped using a 6mm x 1.0 tap.

    2. Thread the tap in from the front side. If you are doing this with the pump installed or in the chassis where space is limited... use a wrench or a ratchet w/ a socket.

    3. Now you are ready for installation!