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TracTuff PRB/ PRC Rear Wheel Drive K Swap Filler Neck


The standard RWD PRB/ PRC style water neck left a lot to be wanted. The hose connection made it easy to plumb but the tube diving under that manifold created a bit of an air pocket and the small vent offered does the trick but doesnt help when trying bleed the system. The only real solution was to add a filler neck! 

With the help of Pit Garage you now have a true solution! Just like the standard PRB/ PRC Rear Wheel Drive K Swap Water Neck, this variant allows you to add coolant and bleed the system at the highest point! Originally modeled for the S2000 manifold attached to the k series head via an adapter plate and now available with slight adjustments, to fit the Skunk2 Ultra Street and Ultra Race intake manifolds with the plenum flipped. The end of the tube is VERY similar to the OEM S2000 water necks outlet position so the S2000 upper radiator hose is now a viable option for many RWD K Series swaps.

NOTE: Made to Order - Contact for ETA - If you are interested in a specific design, please email sales@tractuff.com. The tube is welded so that it sits very similarly to the OEM S2000 water neck outlet does when bolted to an engine with a 15° lean to the passenger side (exhaust side). The billet neck has a 1/2" NPT heater port and the hardware kit includes a 90° hose fitting and a plug in the event you don't plan on connecting a heater hose.