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  • TracTuff Universal Dual Pass Radiator


    Due to overwhelming requests for radiator dimensions I never planed on making... I have decided to put up a duplicate product that tracks custom dimensions that others have ordered. These are NOT STOCKED and require full payment to be ordered. My partner has fluctuating ETA's that I wont know about until the product is actually ordered. I will not bug them for an ETA if the product is not paid... they would hate me in a matter of a week! If you are interested in a custom dimension, please use the website to configure your options, screen shot the configuration, and email sales@tractuff.com. Radiators in this category must at least include a selection for fields marked with an asterisk (*). If mounting provision are going to be requested... you must communicate ALL details as dimensions. NO PICTURES for me to look at and guess. If you cannot provide these details, I recommend finishing the mounting part, yourself.

    Lets talk about these radiators.... first off, they radiators feature all the latest and greatest in high performance cooling technology; super efficient 100% all aluminum core with much wider tubes than standard radiators, giving you more direct contact between the fins and tubes, increasing the radiators capacity and ultimately allowing it to dissipate heat quicker. Rows don't mean SHIT, so please don't get stuck on that detail. Having two or three small rows doesn't mean it will cool any better... nor does it mean mine should have the same number to be a fair comparison. One row in my radiator is 1-3/8" wide! Add the revolutionary louvered fin design packs in 16 fins per inch, giving you have the best cooling performance in the most extreme conditions!

    All cores will arrive to me as photographed, you will have control over how it is finished. Selection includes inlet/ outlet positions, inlet/ outlet connection type, radiator cap bung or no radiator cap bung, import cap bung or domestic cap bung, bleed port/ vent if no cap bung is chosen, drain, fan mounting (requires fan to be ordered or shipped in), and location pins/ mounting brackets.