Honda Type S Oil Pump

Honda Type S Oil Pump


The oil pump is the most important part in the engine there is... a sub-par solution can and WILL cost you more than you think in the long run, so if your engine has high mileage or is being rebuilt after a failure, don't skimp... it's cheap peace of mind! Remember, a quality unit is important in any engine but the K-series motor is much more sensitive due to the high demands of Honda's VTEC and i-Vtec systems.

The Type S/R pump is driven slower (1.6:1 vs. 2.0:1) than the balance-shaft style pumps which means it will handle rpm a little better. It also has a slightly larger gerotor which helps with producing pressure at lower rpm and volume at higher rpm. The Type S pump is also considerably easier to spin when compared to the balance-shaft style pumps, so this greatly reduces parasitic drag which in turn frees up horsepower!

We also offer two popular services for these oil pumps as well as an oil pump baffle

  1. Clearancing - A process that removes non-critical material from the mating surface that interferes with the K24A2, A3, A4, A8 and K20Z3 blocks. 
  2. Porting -  A process that helps oil flow out of the gerotor by means of reducing restriction on the high-pressure side. Reducing restriction, increases flow reduces the phenomenon of cavitation.