Universal Remote Mount Race Style Swirl Pot & Header Tank Combo


The Race Style Swirl Pot & Header Tank Combo is a max effort system!

Commonly found in use on real race cars, this style swirl pot is more effective at deareating the coolant as well as increasing system capacity and efficiency. Both the swirl pot and the header tank are remotely mounted, c coolant is routed from the upper water neck to swirl pots upper connection, out of the bottom connection, and two the top of the radiator. The water pump is creating a draw/ suction on the header tank via its bottom connection, which in turn pulls water and air through the header tanks vent inlet. The vent inlet is connected to the swirl pots vent outlet, removing any collected air from the primary cooling circuit. The air (and coolant) that is pulled into the header tank by the water pumps pull, is collected and only coolant is pulled down the water bypass hose to complete the circuit. Air is is essentially trapped and all coolant expansion occurs in the header tank.

NOTE: I can turn any of the application specific swirl pots into this style of swirl pot so you only have to concern yourself with the mounting of the header tank. The header tank MUST be mounted at least 3.00" higher than the vent on the swirl pot to work. A hose must be ran from the header tank to the backside of the thermostat housing to create the draw necessary to make this work. A common accessory connection for this combo would be to add a radiator vent to the top of the radiator and the header tank.