Non-Fabricated Products Are In Stock and Ready To Ship Daily - Inquire On ETA For Fabricated Items

Over the years I have struggled with one thing more than anything else; coming up with a way to group/ classify products that are in stock and ready to ship vs. those that are hand made. I've created this page to more clearly identify what a NON-FABRICATED and FABRICATED product is.


Non-Fabricated products are essentially all the products I make that come straight out of the CNC. Non-fabricated products are made in quantity and only get cleaned up, mated with a hardware kit, and wait for you to order so that they can be boxed and shipped. I pride myself on keeping these TracTuff products on the shelf 99% of the time... allowing me to ship your order within 24 hours of being placed.

Here's a short list that includes most of my non-fabricated products. Billet water neck flanges, water bypass adapters, oil filter relocators, water pump deletes, thermostat housing deletes, weld bungs, fittings, and DIY kits.


Fabricated products consist of off-the-shelf CNC parts, a combination of materials that have been cut, ground, notched, and prepped to the specs customers have chosen and then welded together to form an assembly. Products like filler necks, fill pots, swirl pots, header tanks, overflows, catch cans, radiators, oil coolers, intercoolers, and charge pipes.

Between the options I offer, the shear number of products I make, at the quality you admire and expect, it has become impossible for me to accurately predict what combination you will order. As a result, orders for fabricated products are put on a calendar in the order in which they have been received. Wait times will fluctuate as your fellow enthusiasts place orders.