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Stubby L Key


Stubby L Key is used to install or remove M6 and M8 socket head bolts or anything with a 5mm or 6mm internal hex that doesn't have enough room for a conventional L key or hex bit socket. 

Handy for the installation and/ or removal of at least one socket head bolt on...

  • PRB/ PRC race style fill pots and swirl pots or any of my products that use M6 socket head bolts. 
  • RBB/RBC filler neck V1, RBB/RBC filler neck V1.2, RBB/RBC swirl pot with overflow combo, RBB/RBC swirl pot V2, RBB/RBC swirl pot V3 or any of my products that use M8 socket head bolts.

I only stock a few at a time, so please allow a day or two between the time you place your order and when your order ships, just in case I'm out.

L Key for M6 Socket Head Bolts w/ a 5mm Hex (Shown Below)

L Key for M8 Socket Head Bolts w/ a 6mm Hex (Shown Below)