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Honda K Series Thermostat Housing


Do you hate the plastic OEM housings found on all k series engines? Maybe you've had a cracked housing... or worse! A stripped M6 insert that kept you from being able to take your thermostat cover off. 

This Genuine Honda thermostat housing for the Acura RDX fits all first gen k series engines... however may change the thermostat cover bolt pattern, depending on what you started with. If you are currently using a K20A, K20A2, K20Z1 (or any other engine code that shares the same part numbers) cover, it will not work. If you already own my billet cover and you selected the "All Others Mod" you are in luck! If you did not, you will need to modify the cover yourself. If you are about to buy my billet cover... be sure to choose that option.

You will also notice that this housing has a very tall metal tube coming out of it; that is your new water bypass connection and it is not only tall, but it is also 3mm bigger! The plastic housing measures 17mm and this one measures 20mm and if you think you can stretch the hose 3mm... be my guest, otherwise you will need to buy a reducer joint, cut and weld a new tip on the tube, or pull the tube and either weld a new nipple or tap the hole for a threaded fitting.

NOTE: I stock these in limited quantity so if I run out and can/ will delay your order from shipping. The hardware kit includes three Genuine Honda M6 bolts and the matching gasket.