K Series Dry Sump Oil Pump Kit


The dry sump lubrication system is the ultimate oiling system for internal combustion engines. The main purpose of the dry sump system is to contain all the stored oil in a reservoir/ tank allowing for an uninterrupted supply of oil to the engine, even under the most extreme cornering/ acceleration/ deceleration forces.

Our dry sump oil pumps have a minimum of 2 stages but can have as many as 5. The first one is common with all potential choices, regardless of "stages" and is referred to as the "pressure" section. The pressure section draws oil from the bottom of the reservoir/ tank then pressurizes it and then sends it to a remote oil filter and then on to the engine. All other stages are referred to as "scavenge" sections; scavenge sections are responsible for drawing both oil and air out of the points they are connected to and sent to the top of the reservoir/ tank where it is allowed to de-aerate, cool and condense. 

The dry sump pump is usually driven by a Gilmer or HTD style belt which is in turn driven by the crankshaft or an accessory at approximately 1/2 speed crankshaft speed with a max pump RPM of 5,500. Consistent oil pressure provided by the dry sump system is the reason dry sumps are employed but other benefits include shallower oil pan, better ground clearance, lower center of gravity, increases horsepower due to less viscous drag and reduced crankcase pressure.

Due to various configurations being available... please email sales@tractuff.com for options and pricing. It doesn't actually cost $999,999.00