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Teflon Tape


Also known as plumber's tape, Teflon tape is primarily used to lubricate the threads of mating parts and is used on the male thread. Teflon tape also does a good job of filing in gaps between threads. This tape has a higher density than standard tape for a better seal between threads and is made of PTFE, which has a slippery surface that keeps threads from binding/ galling, decreasing the effort required to assemble. Teflon tape should be used on ALL tapered pipe threads.

14 yards of 1/4" wide x .0032" thick tape. If you have never applied Teflon tape to a fittings threads... please watch this video. There is a right and wrong way of applying it.

NOTE: Do NOT apply Teflon tape to AN fittings unless that AN fitting has a pipe thread on one of the ends. AN fitting can come in several combinations of threads but you should never use any sealing products on ORB or male flare threads. ORB stands for O-Ring Boss and the o-ring on that side does the sealing. Male flare has the same thread (relative to size) as ORB but uses a 37° JIC flare to seal against its counterpart. If either of these threads are leaking... you either need to replace the o-ring or the flare is damaged on one of the two parts and should be replaced. If the damage is minor, you can buy a soft aluminum conical seal that gets sandwiched between the two as a temporary solution.