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TracTuff -8 ORB to 11/16" Hose


Over the years, I would get random complaints that the water bypass hose and some heater hose being connected to my flanges via a 1/2" NPT to 5/8" hose fitting was on the loose side, especially if an old hose was being used. In 2023 I decided to redesign those flanges to use a -8 ORB thread and a matching -8 ORB to 11/16" slip hose fitting.

NOTE: 11/16" is a much closer match to the metric OEM hose but it will also works with smaller 5/8" hose if you warm it up the hose so it stretches over the larger fitting. It will also produce good results with larger 3/4" hose if you were to use a quality worm clamp.