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TracTuff Consultation & Troubleshooting

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The time has come for me to start collecting a fee for the time I spend on the phone, answering emails, responding to DM's and PM's from people that want to talk about their wild ideas and no real budget, have me troubleshoot other products issues, or in short really don't have anything to do with TracTuff or TracTuff products.

The purchase of 1 qty/ unit... entitles the buyer to a 30 minute consultation. The date and time will be chosen based on schedule and emailed to the buyer once the purchase has been made.

DO NOT use this when asking general questions pertaining to the TracTuff product line. I do appreciate when customers read the product description(s) and/ or use the FAQ and What's What Reference before submitting an email through the contact page, but if you have a question... ask it! Again, this service is not meant to be used by legitimate customers that are seeking technical advice or asking customer service related questions for products purchased or about to be purchased! This service is really only meant to be used when I personally send a link to a candidate that I believe it applies to; it will either compensate me for the time/ effort OR curb the influx in random, sometimes crazy, requests for tech help and/ or general information.

IF a consultation leads to a sale within 60 days... I will gladly apply 50% of the amount paid to your purchase.