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TracTuff D16 Water Pipe - Pre-Order

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I have been asked, "What about D series" a handful of times since the introduction of the B, H and G series water pipes... and just like the B, H and G series water pipes, I do NOT want to make them. I left it up to the community, they band together, proved me wrong, and made each one a reality. If you are visiting this page, just know that I'm not selling you, your interested for your own reasons. 

I don't take comments on social media or in emails seriously anymore. The time, energy, and money it takes to make parts is not easy! No one wants a shelf turd!! I've made several investments in products over the years, that the community said they would buy "IF" they were available, and I've watched them sit on a shelf and collect dust for years. I don't know about you... but I like my money in the bank where it can work for me.

Here is your chance to partner with me, to make something (YOU WANT) a reality. The community can pool their money, combine it with mine and when we meet the minimum goal, I'll commit. I'll meet the community half way... funding the R&D, put inventory on the shelf, and now only being half as exposed as I would normally be.

The target is to pre-sale 25 pieces in 6 months (from 12/27/23). If we cant hit that target, I'll refund everything but the PayPal fee I pay (and don't get back). Once 25 have been sold, this listing will no longer allow for FREE shipping. That will be your way of knowing it will now become a reality.

I don't know the D series that well... so I don't know how many variants the pipe will fit, but I do know that I will be buying a VTEC D16 SOHC for development once the goal has been met. R&D and production machining and bending will happen on my partners schedule. There will be absolutely NO refunds after the goal has been met. I will then send customers an email outlining any OPTIONS that may increase cost (see the B, H, and G pipes for examples). Those who participate will receive FREE shipping (in the USA) and a discount on options, if chosen. 

NOTE: The website does not offer zip code based FREE shipping, so international purchases we be billed separately when the product ships.

EXAMPLE: B Series Water Pipe