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TracTuff Filler Cap Assembly


TracTuff Billet Filler Assembly is designed for use with 2.00" tube or flat panel fabrication and comes in either vented or sealed configurations. 

NOTE: The weld bung measures 2.00" x  .500" and has CNC machined -16 ORB (1-5/16"-12 SAE) thread and o-ring seat. The backside incorporates a small 1.85" diameter step that helps locate it in .060" wall 2.00" tube or flat sheet. The 1.85" register can be turned down to 1.50" diameter with a .125" tall step to minimize the size of hole you need to make in a flat panel as well as make it easier to weld from the backside. If you don't care about the register at all... you only need a 1.25" hole.