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TracTuff J Series OEM Aluminum Oil Pan Baffle


The J Series baffle is a straight, uncomplicated design, used to keep oil from moving to far away from the pickup during left and right turns as well as surging up the walls during braking and/ or acceleration. 

The baffle encloses the sump but has cutouts for the pickup tube, pickup tube and the pickup brace as well as multiple drain back locations to aid oil in the returning to the sump. The trap door assembly shown in these images is not as effective as they are in other applications due to the uneven floor and raised circular protrusion, still it helps with slowing oils movement during aggressive driving, please contact me prior to ordering if this is something you are interested in.

Oil pans can be sent in for baffle installation or you can purchase one of our new pans with the baffle(s) already installed. Email sales@tractuff.com if you have specific needs. Please allow for a minimum of two weeks for your order to be filled.