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TracTuff J Series Water Neck Flanges - V1


So you own an EG, EK, or DC2 and you've swapped in a J Series... almost everything is right where you want it! Everything except for that MONSTROSITY of a water neck starring back at you. The J Series billet water neck flanges were designed to be the premiere water neck solution on the market! The flanges can be used as is or used to fabricate pretty much anything you can dream up. 

Flanges are machined from US milled 6061 aluminum and incorporate -16 ORB outlet ports for each cylinder head as well as a -16 ORB inlet port for the water pump inlet tube. The four bolt flange uses an OEM gasket (Not Included) and the rear has an o-ring groove. The front cylinder flange also machined to uniquely hold the OEM water cross-over tube (pump inlet) and accept the OEM o-ring on the back-side.

In 2020 I made a revision to the front cylinder head flanges water cross-over tube holder so that it would work with GM transmissions that are popular in the off-road world and got lucky that the same change accommodated both generations of InlinePro J2K adapters.

NOTE: If you are interested in a custom fabrication job using these flanges, please email us at The J Series Water Neck Flanges eliminate the thermostat, thermostat water bypass, ECT sensor, and fan switch. If you need any of those things I recommend you contract a custom fabricated assembly with me or see our other options. The water cross-over tube mount is unfortunately to low to work with scatter shields so you'll have to reach out to us so we can rethink your plumbing if you need to run one. Flanges purchased after 10/8/20 should be accompanied by at least two -16 port fittings. We made a change to the o-ring seat and unfortunately conventional port fittings may be too long (no real standard) and could bottom out before the o-ring crushes/ seats. We'll fix this next time around but for now... it might be a good idea to buy the port fitting(s) from us or at least be prepared to modify yours to have a max thread length of .4890"