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TracTuff K Series OEM Aluminum Oil Pan Baffle


I do not sell the baffle(s) loosely... the only way this product ships, is welded into a pan.

Each one is hand made for the applications listed. The pan pictured is a K20Z3 pan but all variants include two vertical baffles with trap doors that allow oil to move into, but restrict oil movement away from the pickup area; i.e. during left and right turns (FWD) or braking and acceleration (RWD). The horizontal baffle helps to control oil from sloshing up the front or rear under braking and acceleration (FWD) or during left and right turns (RWD). 

The baffles are placed below the oil level to aid in keeping the oil pump pick-up submerged. Extended high RPM turns can still create problems being oil is being pumped at its fastest rate and not returning to the pan floor due to being pinned in either a corner (relative to the turn) of the valve cover or oil pan. Being you cannot add capacity, I strongly recommend an Accusump in these scenarios. 

  • PRB/ PRC codes refer to early K20, K20A2, K20A3, and K20Z1 pans
  • RRC code refers to late K20 and K20Z3 pans
  • RX0 code refers to the K24Z7

NOTE: Made to Order - Contact for ETA - If you are interested in a specific design that varies from this, please email us at sales@tractuff.com. Balance shaft pump baffles look totally different due to the pumps size and the space it occupies, images are just a reference. For those choosing a baffle for the Type S pump, the vertical baffle that the pump pickup passes through is extremely close to the pump and will require the removal of a small casting bump. 

If your are supplying me with a pan and it is stained or has a gold tint inside, it must be cleaned prior to shipping. I DO NOT CLEAN PANS! Considering the time and effort it might take as well as the shipping to get it to me... buying a new pan might be a better option. Dirty pans will be returned at the senders expense or thrown away.