TracTuff K Series RSX Billet Thermostat Cover

TracTuff K Series RSX Billet Thermostat Cover


Originally offered as a custom configuration option but due to customers complaining that the options were confusing, I have decided to give the common RSX selection its own spot. No cool features, no weaknesses, no bullshit! What you see is a simple Billet Thermostat Cover that bolts to the OEM plastic housing, uses the OEM shoulder bolts, the OEM thermostat, and OEM gasket for the K20A, K20A2, K20Z1 or any other K that shares the same outlet angel. I chose the original thermostat because it is unique to this engines configuration and is related to many of customers number once concern. You wont find any sensor ports because they don't belong here and you wont find a swivel because it doesn't work for everyone anyway. What you do get is, a straight forward, refreshing design that allows the end-user to chose whichever fitting he/ she needs to plumb the lower hose.

Machined from US milled 6061 aluminum; the flange incorporates an OEM o-ring grove and the front (originally threaded for -16 ORB) has been machined to remove the material beyond the thermostats locating pin, reducing the overall length and welding a cheated 90° section of 1-1/4" tube to mimic the OEM outlet position. The Billet Thermostat Cover uniquely receives the k20a/ k20a2/ K20a3/ k20z1 thermostat for the most reliable function and retains the quick warm up feature of the water bypass circuit. 

NOTE: The TracTuff K Series Billet Thermostat Cover is designed to be a direct replacement for the 2002-2006 Acura RSX or 2002-2005 Civic Si thermostat. In order to run this product, you MUST use the 2002-2006 Acura RSX or 2002-2005 Civic Si thermostat case (back-half) that bolts to the water pump housing (P/N 19320-PNA-003); the water pump housing side has a common bolt pattern but the thermostat cover side does not. Multiple swaps may benefit from this configuration, you will need about 1.00" of free space in front of the OEM thermostat cover for this to work. The customer that ordered this... shared that the OEM RSX hose worked. I strongly suggest measuring the space you have BEFORE ordering! If you are interested in running AN fittings, you should be choosing something from this configuration. 

 TracTuff Jig w/ TracTuff Fabricated RSX Thermostat Cover - Outlet Center-line Moved Approx. 1.00"

TracTuff Jig w/ OEM RSX Thermostat Cover