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  • TracTuff K Series OEM Steel Oil Pan Baffle


    TracTuff "custom" oil pan baffles are each hand made for a variety of configurations. The pan pictured is a K24A2 pan and incorporates two vertical baffles with the largest possible combo of trap-doors to keep oil under control during left and right turns as well as a horizontal baffle that keeps oil from sloshing up the front or rear walls during braking and acceleration. 

    The baffle is placed below the 4 qt. oil level to insure the resting oil is kept under control in an effort to keep the oil pumps pick-up tube submerged. The open horizontal design allows returning oil a quick way back to the sump... reducing the time it takes to get back to the pans floor.

    Oil pans can be sent in for baffle installation or you can purchase one of our new pans with the baffle(s) already installed (I do not provide gangster lean pans). Email sales@tractuff.com if you have specific needs. Please allow for a minimum of two weeks for your order to be filled. If you need a solid ETA, send me an email.