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TracTuff K20C Oil Cooler Bypass


The TracTuff K20C Water Pump Delete requires you to either install an oil cooler or loop the outlet back into the inlet.

The factory designed the oil passage in the block to leave the oil filter, travel up the block, exit through the water pump housing into the oil cooler/ warmer, and then return to the block. The ports CANNOT be plugged or the engine will not get any oil!

So far, the K20C has been used more in road race/ time attack than in drag race environments, so the use a real oil cooler seems to be in the majorities best interest... especially when you read about the platform being plagued running HOT! In the event that you don't want/ need an oil cooler, here is the solution for looping outlet back into the inlet.

The kit includes 2 x -10 ORB to -10 male flare port fitting and a custom -10 bypass.