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TracTuff Overflow - Universal Horizontal Mount


Looking for a universal matching overflow? We've got you!

Here is my newest offering! I used the bolt down base that was originally designed for the remote mount swirl pot line and extended it to the overflow line. All you need is an unused M6 thread on a relatively horizontal surface and BAM! Due to the fact that the base mounts this... the inlet/ outlet port must be welded to the side, but that cool because you can call out for either an 1/8" NPT or -4 male flare port and have me weld it where you want. A great compliment to our filler necks, fill pots, and swirl pots.

NOTE: The tank height you have chosen is just the length/ height of the body, please add 1.355" for the billet base, billet lid, and filler cap to get an overall height.