Fabricated (WELDED) Product Leadtime's Fluctuate - Call or Email BEFORE you order if you need an ETA

TracTuff P75 Swirl Pot


B18A, B18B, B20A and B20Z engine swirl pot. 

The swirl pot starts with a beautifully machined 6061-T6 flange with a 3D tapered entry port for a seamless transition to the tubing that is routed to the tank. You can choose from a list of options to make the product as unique as your project, including outlet position, accessory ports for aftermarket sensors and/ or turbo and wastegate feed. The tank placement clears the distributor and the outlet can exit similarly to the original location. Customers have shared that the OEM upper hose can be modified to work. 

NOTE: Made to Order - Contact for ETA - If you are interested in a specific design that varies from this, please email us at sales@tractuff.com. If you have questions related to the configuration or options... PLEASE visit the WHATS WHAT or FAQ page. The cap bung has a 1/16" NPT port for connection to an overflow and uses early model Honda radiator caps, such as an 88'-91' Civic/ CRX or 90'-93' Integra. If you are using AN line, I recommend designing the upper radiator hose so that there is droop/ give... so the engines movement and does not push/ pull on the radiator and fatigue any parts. The tank is welded so that it sits level when bolted to an engine with a 6° lean forward (exhaust side). Large changes, mock up or basic R&D charges may apply if you get to far away from the core product seen. This would classify as CUSTOM.