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TracTuff PRB/PRC Water Neck Flange - Race


The "Race" version of our upper water neck for PRB/ PRC/ PPA cylinder heads now includes a raised lip that serves as an o-ring seat for those that want to use the -16 ORB threads for either a 1.25" standard hose barb or a -16 AN fitting. The lip also doubles as a generous socket for a fillet weld (for those that want to fabricate something custom). The flange incorporates an OEM o-ring grove machined into the backside and includes a Genuine Honda gasket and two stainless steel socket head bolts. 

NOTE: This version does not have a water bypass hose port. The lack of a water bypass port makes this a DRAG RACE ONLY product where a thermostat is not being used. I do not recommend deleting the thermostat in any other environment, unless you have a smart eclectic water pump set up.