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TracTuff PRB/ PRC Water Neck Flange - V1


The OG billet K series water neck flange; used as an OEM replacement but better known for being used in many of our popular fabricated filler necks, fill pots, and swirl pots for the K20A, K20A2, K20Z1 and K24A1 engines.

The neck is beautifully machined from 6061-T6. The flange incorporates the largest passage possible within the OEM gaskets footprint, a 1/2" NPT water bypass port, and machined o-ring groove for the OEM gasket. You can choose to have a 1/8" NPT sensor port added directly to the top of the neck (near the logo) or the side (under the outlet) and the outlet itself can be configured for either a standard 1.25" hose  or -16 male flare. The hardware kit includes a 5/8" water bypass hose fitting, a plug, two stainless M6 socket head bolts, and a Genuine Honda gasket. 

1.25" Hose Fitting

-16 Male Flare