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TracTuff Radiator Cap Bung


TracTuff billet radiator cap bungs are designed for use with my 3" and 4" billet tank lids; they match perfectly to the lids ID for a simple inside weld that you cant see once finished. On occasion, I have used them for odd projects, as long as there is either a 1-1/2" hole or is being welded to the end of something like 1-1/4" tubing.

NOTE: The import cap bung has a 1/16" NPT port for connection to an overflow and uses early model Honda (88'-91' Civic/ CRX and 90'-93' Integra) cap. The domestic version has a 1/8" NPT port for connection to an overflow and uses late GM/ Chevy (70's C10 Pickup w/ a 454 engine) cap.