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TracTuff RBB/ RBC Water Bypass Block Off


After years of selling the OG water bypass adapter... I finally saw a sales trend that made it easy to decide on manufacturing a dedicated block-off.

Water bypass adapters almost always left with a hose barb fitting, but recently I saw the trend shift to a plug. The decision to make this product comes from not wanting to overcharge customers for the more expensive water bypass adapter, only to plug it! All the features that make my water bypass adapter the BEST on the market, are incorporated into this. The same hardware and it still seals up against the cylinder head with the same o-ring.

I am not recommending that you eliminate the water bypass hose; it has a very valuable role in how the cooling system functions, but for those of you that understand the pros and cons and still want to delete it... this is for you! 

NOTE: The installation guide below shows the water bypass adapter, yes the product is different but the process is still the same and it is very unlikely that I will redo the guide just because the product looks slightly different.

NOTE: If you didn't select a sensor port and you would like to add one now... drill it here and flip it over and tap it for your sensors thread pitch. Remember, you start here but don't start tapping from this side!

Installation Guide


The manifold shown is JUST AN EXAMPLE... I'm not going to re shoot instructions for every manifold out there! As long as the aftermarket manifold you own has the same shape as the PRB/ PRC manifold (like the one shown) and they did a good job of holding to Honda's tolerance, my adapter will fit perfectly! This was the first product on the market and its been flawless since 2012.

If the shape of the products right edge DOES NOT LINE UP with the edge of the cylinder head, the set screw whole will not line up. If it DOES NOT LINE UP.... this is not a water bypass adapter problem, it is an intake manifold problem. As mentioned above, if the manufacture did NOT hold to Honda's tolerance (shape) you will have to modify one of the two parts, where they are coming in contact.

Start by installing the o-ring into the recess on the adapter’s backside and set the adapter aside.


Grab the stainless steel link and longer 40mm Genuine Honda flanged bolt and install the bolt into the smooth hole in the link.



Install the bolt and stainless link into the right-most intake manifold flange bolt hole. Tighten lightly with the link facing upward.



Grab the shorter 28mm Genuine Honda flange bolt and adapter and install the bolt into the lower bolt hole.



Take the bolt and adapter and install it over the exposed water & egr ports. Thread the bolt into the cylinder head until it is hand tight. Do NOT install the adapter over a gasket.


Grab the stainless steel set screw and thread it into the stainless link. The pointed set screw will tighten into the hole well but in some extreme cases it may be a good idea to use some medium grade Loctite.


Swing the stainless link and set screw down until it lines up with the pilot hole of your choice.


Tighten the 8mm intake manifold and Water Bypass bolts to 18 lb. ft. of torque and tighten the set screw until you have sufficient crush on the adapters o-ring. Congratulations! You're done.