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TracTuff Remote Mount Vacuum Manifold


The universal vacuum manifold consists of a CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum rail with four 1/8" NPT ports and a spot for a Honda k series style MAP sensor. The configuration options are listed from left to right (shown below) as if you were standing in front of your vehicle and looking at the motor. 

You can select any combination of ports by having the ends cut off and the remaining portion of the rail welded to a 1.00" tube. The ends of the tube can be configured in any combination of -4 male flare, -6 male flare, or cap. The gallery product shown has a -6 on the right side, a cap on the left side, and two NPT ports.

NOTE: The k series map sensor port has a M5 x 1.0 threaded hole to secure the sensor. The BSPT portion is cut off unless otherwise requested (after purchase has been made). The center to center distance of each NPT port and the adjacent M5 thread is .750".

Please contact me for your specific mounting bracket needs as the one shown is just an example. If a bracket is chosen and we are not contacted about any specific needs... this bracket will be duplicated and welded in the same position. Complicated brackets can/ will increase cost.

When choosing the MAP sensor location (listed as left or right (shown)) you must understand that the plug will face one of two directions. and relative to the ports orientation. When on the right and the ports facing down... MAP plug faces forward. When on the left and the ports facing down... MAP plug faces back. Please think this through COMPLETELY!!!