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TracTuff Remote Pickup Kit


Pre-Order Only. Still sorting the pickup box.

Let me start by saying what this ISN'T. This isn't for everyone... I'm already getting blasted with a bunch of inquires from a bunch of people that just like billet stuff! If you don't have a problem with where your oil pumps pickup is located, you don't need this! Now to my typical product description... Ever in a situation where the oil pump pickup location wasn't ideal for your swap? Me too! And I hated modifying the OEM piece because I felt restricted; not to mention... worried! Worried about the finished products integrity and what potential disruptions in flow the welded joints may have caused.

On occasion, I would cut the pickup off the back half, drill, tap, and install an ORB to male flare fitting and then bend a new pickup... but that assembly wasn't perfect either! With a number of up coming projects needing a real solution, I decided to make the investment into the emerging non-traditional k swap market and make a modular pickup that would address these and many more issues. Available as a DIY kit with 3 sections of 3/4" OD mild steel tube (45°, 90°, and 180°) and an optional screened box pickup (not shown) or fabricated in house as a stand-a-lone product or as a component to an oil pan baffle. 

NOTE: I highly recommend bracing the pickup to the main girdle, closest to the suction cup end. The kit does not include material to make this happen. Each of the bends included in the kit have two straight legs that measure 6.00" long. I have used the kit myself and believe this is a well rounded product that will address most peoples needs. Additional bends can be purchased on request.