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  • TracTuff S2000 Alternator Bushing

    $29.95 $19.95

    The original S2000 alternator through hole diameter accommodates an M10 bolt but the TracTuff "Street" electric water pump conversion kit belt tensioner uses a 5/16" rod end. In order to make the tensioner work with the S2000 alternator, a bushing MUST be used to reduce the ID of the top mounting ear's through hole. 

    NOTE: In order to use the S2000 alternator in the TracTuff "Street" electric water pump conversion kits alternator mounting bracket you must be prepaired to modify the alternator. The alternator pivot is bulky and does not allow for the alternator to be completely inserted into the bracket, keeping the through hole from lining up. You must modify the lower mounting/ pivot point by grind down the excess material represented in yellow, so it looks like what is shown.