TracTuff VTC Limiter


The TracTuff VTC Limiter is yet another innovative product that was designed with the average consumer in mind! We wanted to offer a cost effective solution for limiting how much cam advance your motor see's, once clearances have been confirmed, and what we ended up with... is undoubtedly the easiest way to limit cam advance. 

We assume that most K series engine owners own a 50° intake cam gear... so it made sense to limit the 50° gear rather than ask customers to go through the trouble of finding a 25° TSX gear and have it modified. Not to mentions, that process is tedious... as you must find/ buy a 25° RBB gear, pay to have it shipped, find a capable machine shop to handle the modification and ship it to them, pay them their fee, and ultimately pay for the return shipping. Sounds expensive, time consuming, and a total headache/ inconvenience!

Our VTC Limiter is manufactured from precision ground 52100 Bearing Steel and finished to exacting tolerances (+/- .0001") and then heat treated to a hardness of 60-62 Rockwell C. The limiter works by placing a pin in a specific cavity of the 2002-2011 50° VTC gear. The pin does not have a specific position within that cavity... as it was designed to sit/ float freely until the engine is started. Once the engine is in motion, the pin is located where it needs to be to be effective (via centrifugal force), ultimately limiting the amount of advance the gear is capable of as it sweeps forward. Regardless of what the map/ tune calls for.

Please note that it is not needed but if you have any concern with the pin being allowed to move, you may elect to have the pin welded in place once you have confirmed your engines specific clearances. I personally say it is NOT needed because in the 11 years this product has been in service, I have never had any issues, nor have there been any reported issues with the 1,000's that have been sold. Truth is... the pin doesn't actually move "FREELY" once the engine is in motion, centrifugal force actually locates the pin exactly where it needs to be and it only moves once the engine comes to rest. The same principal that is in effect when you see people on that spinning carnival ride, the one where people are standing against a padded wall, without any safety belt or locking bar, and you become pined to the wall as it speeds up! Yeah that ride!  

For more information on VTC Limiters and how they can be used to clay your engine, please check out our Engine Claying Kit

Install VTC Limiting Pin in the cavity shown here...