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XL Tensioner Turnbuckle


Every now and then I come across a post on social media where someone is using the street k series water pump delete and the tensioner is completely MAXED out! Usually this comes down to the owner having picked a belt length that put the tensioner at the end of its range. As long as the rod-end has a few turns (at least 4-5 turns) into the turnbuckle, you should fine...  but if its hanging off the very end, your asking for problems!

Assuming you cannot find a belt that brings the tensioner back into the short or middle end of its range; I now offer this as an alternative. The original K series turnbuckle is 3.25" long and this optional piece is 4.30" long; the extra inch will really help unsure you don't pull the thread out of the ends on a maxed out assembly and keep you from certain failure!

NOTE: Rod ends and jamb nuts are not included.