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TracTuff L15B Water Pump Housing Delete


The alternator tensioner has not been finished, the one shown only works on a few engines so i am creating a new solution for the other variants. I can ship without and ship it once its in... or you can wait until its finished 

The L15B water pump housing delete is designed to take the place of the bulky OEM mechanical water pump, water pump housing, water pump inlet tube, and upper water neck assembly.

Several benefits can be traced back to the uncoupling of the water pump from the crankshaft, such as a reduction in parasitic drag, which can free up horsepower and torque. Reduction or elimination of pump cavitation and associated troubles relating to aeration. Better control of the cooling systems temperatures through the use of electronics. Manually override pump and fan(s) to cool the motor while the engine is off. And lastly, the space you can free up by eliminating the OEM items.

The pump delete plate incorporates an o-ring groove around the large 1-5/16"-12 SAE (-16AN ORB) water passage and the two smaller 7/8"-14 SAE (-10AN ORB) oil in/ out ports. The system does not work with A/C so the crankshaft will only be driving the alternator; belt adjustment is handled by a slotted stainless steel upper alternator link that takes the place of the fixed OEM link, allowing the belt to be tensioned like older Honda's.

An optional oil cooler port fitting kit includes a special galley plug, o-ring, and your choice of -8 or -10 male flare port fittings. The ports will not function properly without this kit so a pair of -10 ORB port plugs are included IF you don't select this option.

The L15B water pump delete is totally different from my other water pump delete kits, not only in looks, but because I force you to buy an upper water neck. The original upper water neck on these newer Honda motors incorporate the thermostat, a water pump inlet tube, and a lower radiator hose connection... all of which don't get used and/ or no longer work as they once did.

The new upper water neck incorporates a large 1-5/16"-12 SAE (-16AN ORB) water passage, a 1/8" BSPT sensor port, an ECT sensor port, a 3/4"-16 SAE (-8AN ORB) port to supply water to an accessory, and a 1/2" NPT port for a heater supply or second accessory. 

NOTE: The L15B water pump housing delete is NOT designed for use with A/C. You can try it on your own but I recommend this product for serious street cars and race cars, where it has been deleted.

The water pump housing delete hardware kit includes three o-rings, a pair of -10 ORB port plugs (unless you selected the oil cooler port fitting kit), a slotted tensioner link, and stainless mounting bolts. The upper water neck hardware kit includes an 1/8" BSPT plug, a -8 ORB port plug, a 1/2" NPT port plug, and a 90° 1/2" NPT to 5/8" hose barb. You can add either a 1.25" hose or -16 male flare outlet fitting.

Pump mounting and plumbing is up to you but if you are interested in Meziere products, I stock the 20 GPM Meziere WP136S and 55 GPM Meziere WP336S electric water pumps. You can add straight or 90° water pump delete inlet fittings if you know how you are going to plumb the pump to the plate.