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Meziere 20GPM Water Pump - WP136S


American made with quality far superior to any other performance aftermarket water pump manufacture; Meziere builds their water pumps with pride right here in the Southern California. 

Don't be mislead by inflated flow numbers and competitors' outlandish claims. They say what we mean and mean what they say! Meziere offers a 2 year, unlimited mileage guarantee and full satisfaction money back guarantee and should convince you that buying Meziere is buying value! 

All of their pumps are built for cooling systems and can operate properly in a harsh environments. Meziere makes more remote pump configurations than any other manufacturer in the performance market.

WP136S Features:

  • 20 Gallons Per Minute
  • Universal In-Line Design
  • Suitable for Street or Drag Use
  • 2400+ Hour Life Expectancy
  • 2 Year Unlimited Mileage Guarantee
  • Show Quality Finish
  • Light Weight - Only 5.2 pounds!
  • Large Diameter Stainless Steel Main Shaft w/ High Performance Ceramic Seal
  • -12 ORB Inlet and Outlet Ports

If you own a FWD K Series engine and you are interested in this pump... please consider my water pump mounting solution and pump hose kit to get water from the pump to the water pump delete.

 NOTE: If you plan on ordering the pump hose kit, DO NOT select inlet/ outlet port fittings HERE with the pump... you will be asked to choose those fittings when you purchase the hose kit. 

If you are ordering this hose kit for use with my K24A/ A2/ A4/ A8 & K20Z3 pump mount and you want the hose to be completely straight/ vertical, please choose the -16 male flare XL fitting option. The -16 male flare XL fitting is .40" longer than the traditional -12 ORB to -16 male flare fittings and was specifically designed to get proper hose alignment.  

Pump w/ 1 x -16 Male Flare + 1.25" Hose Barb Fittings

Pump w/ 2 x -16 Male Flare Fittings