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Straight -16 ORB to -16 Male Flare Fitting - XL


ORB stands for "O-Ring-Boss" which is an SAE straight cut thread that seals by the use of an o-ring. The opposite end of the ORB fitting is a 37° JIC flare and seals via a matching 37° seat on the hose-end. No thread sealant is necessary or recommended with these fittings.

This particular fitting is 1.00" longer than my traditional -16 ORB to -16 male flare fittings and was designed to move the hose-end nut out from under the J Series swirl pot rear cylinder cross-over tube, where tightening the water pump inlet connection would otherwise be difficult.

Thread Sizes

  • -16 > 1-5/16"-12 SAE
  • -12 > 1-1/16"-12 SAE
  • -10 > 7/8"-14 SAE
  • -8 > 3/4"-16 SAE