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TracTuff G Series Water Pipe


The G Series Water Pipe is a hybrid water pipe made for the F22/ F23 block with H22/ H23 VTEC cylinder head.

The pipe will work with either the TracTuff H Series Thermostat Housing Delete or the OEM thermostat housing and you have the option to add a heater core return if you are retaining the thermostat.

Unfortunately, you will be required to move or eliminate the OEM oil pressure sensor. You can either choose to add a plug and eliminate the oil pressure sensor or move it by either picking up my remote oil pressure sensor kit, or acquire the late H22 20mm oil pressure sensor bolt and relocating it.

NOTE: Made to Order - Please allow 10-14 days for this product to ship - There are a few additional things you need to understand. The mounting tab is NOT necessary at all... but the community asked for it so I will continue to offer it. If you would like to understand why, please watch this.

Also, the water pipe was NEVER the feed to the heater core or the oil cooler, it has always been the return. By converting to an electric water pump and placing the pump down stream will result in everything in-between the pump and block as a feed. That's right, pressure... not suction. 

Again, the ONLY way the nipples on the pipe work the way they were designed, is to keep the OEM pump and thermostat in place. The closed thermostat creates a low pressure zone, which in turn allows the pump to suck fluid through anything connected to it. DO NOT add nipples to the pipe if you have converted to an electric pump, unless you want to send water to something. If you need a return... it now needs to go to the inlet of the new water pump to complete a coolant loop. 

The heater core nipple on our OEM H22 sample measures roughly 17mm (.6692") which is slightly larger than 5/8" (.6250") but smaller than 3/4" (.7500"). I recommend you measure your connections for either option just in case there are variations from the factory.