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  • TracTuff Catch Can - App Specific


    Catch can... breather... crank case vent... all same! 

    Most, if not all... universal catch cans, leave much to want. I rarely see them fit the spaces cleanly or offer the type  or number of connections needed, in the direction that makes most sense. My app specific catch can address all that! You can configure every aspect of the design as if you were welding it up yourself. You get to choose from two different diameters, AN or slip hose connections or BOTH in a number of sizes, one of two different sized billet tank mounting brackets that mount into several popular Honda/ Acura coolant or power steering reservoir brackets, or a custom bracket that you can communicate the dimensions and placement.

    The popular Honda coolant overflow or power steering brackets can be used even if you dont own the original chassis... or even a Honda! They can be used universally once you understand how they mount. The filter is a genuine K&N product with a chrome top and a 1.50" clamp.

    NOTE: If you have a special request for specific hose connection combos that are not listed or a custom bracket/ mounting point in mind, please send an email to

    DC2 Coolant Overflow Bracket

    EG Power Steering Bracket

    EK Coolant Overflow Bracket