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TracTuff K Series Billet Thermostat Cover V2

$182.95 $162.95

The V2 Thermostat Cover has a welded connection, making it shorter overall, by eliminating the space needed to run threaded fittings. 

No cool features, no weaknesses, no bullshit! What you see is a simple Billet Thermostat Cover that bolts to the OEM plastic housing, uses the OEM shoulder bolts, the OEM thermostat, and OEM gasket for pretty much any FWD k swap. I chose the original thermostat because it is unique to this engines configuration and is related to many of customers number once concern. You wont find any sensor ports because they don't belong here and you wont find a swivel because it doesn't work for everyone anyway. 

The front -16 ORB threads have been machined off to shorten the base as well as provide a weldable surface, while the backside incorporates an OEM o-ring grove as well as features that uniquely receive the K20a2/ K20a3/ K20z1 thermostat for the most reliable function. The OEM thermostat retains the quick warm up feature of the water bypass circuit. 

NOTE: Made to Order - Please allow 48-72 hrs. for this product to ship - The REDESIGNED cover fits the two housing patterns scattered throughout the various models... BUT understand the new housing is not perfect. If you are using the housing from an engine code, listed above as "All Others" you need to make a modification to the aluminum water pump housing OR trim the billet cover. Yes, I said trim the brand new billet cover! Sorry. You can choose to trim it yourself or you can have me do it at no charge. 

In order to run this product, you still MUST use the thermostat (not included) from a 2002-2006 Acura RSX or 2002-2005 Civic Si (P/N: 19301-PNA-003). I cannot confirm aftermarket thermostat fitment and recommend Genuine Honda. The S2000 and Miata k swap benefits from this configuration the most, but as more and more chassis are being k swapped, I imagine others will as well. I strongly suggest measuring the space you have BEFORE ordering any configuration! Some RWD swaps may have enough room to use an unmodified cover with a screw in fitting and save a few bucks. If you are interested in running AN fittings, you should be choosing something from this configuration. Price includes a new Honda gasket.

This is the "All Others" Mod

 Machined Cover w/ Straight 1-1/4" Aluminum Tube. -16 Male Flare and Wiggins both have similar measurements.

TracTuff 1-1/4" Hose Barb. -16 Male Flare and Wiggins both have similar measurements. (Back Up and Purchase V1 Cover)