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TracTuff Fan Shroud



TracTuff Single Fan Fan Shrouds work with the EG, EK, and DC2 TracTuff custom radiators and coincidentally... the Koyo K swap radiator

I offer several custom radiators for a variety of applications but my three most popular applications produce two radiators that use either 24.5” x 15.75" and a 14" SPAL fan or 24.500” x 14.1250” and a 13" SPAL fan. If you are using a different brand of fan, be prepared to make new holes and add your own rivnuts or pem nuts.

Depending on application or preference you can choose to have the fan moved to one end of the core or the other... or have it centered. Please do the math and make sure you have room to add a shroud; the shroud adds .750" to the height of the SPAL fan S-30102044 and S-30102042. SPAL fan dimensions can be found on their website. M6 x 1.00 mounting nuts pressed in but you will be responsible for mounting bolts.

The Koyo K Swap radiator uses the 24.5” x 15.75" variant. The shroud may also work for other radiators as long as it has the same space for the shroud to sit (see below).  I plan to order a B series full size Koyo Integra radiator to see if either dimension will work. For the time being... purchase at your own risk.

NOTE: Pease allow 4-5 working days for product to ship. If you are interested in a custom fan configuration (dual fans) and are willing to pay a small engineering fee and a premium for a one-off, send an email to

The red line shown below is a general outline of where the shroud was meant to sit. Measure your radiator to determine if one of the two initial offerings will work. Please note... due to each radiators unique construction and placement of accessory mounting points (if there are any) I will not be welding the mounting tabs. Included (loose) mounting tabs are oversized and may need to be cut and/ or bent and welded.