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  • TracTuff J Series Remote Oil Filter Block Adapter


    J Series Oil Filter Block Adapters are on back order as of 4/26/21. It will be a few weeks before I have more... so please do NOT inquire if the product is still on back order, I will remove this message when they are back in stock. Customers that placed an order during this time, will be notified they are back in stock when the tracking number is emailed by PayPal when the label is printed.

    The J series remote oil filter adapter is a seriously unique piece! If you have ever thought to yourself, "I really don't like the location of the oil filter in my swap!" you're not alone! I've seen several issues with rear wheel drive and rear engine off-road swaps to know that I couldn't be the only one that wanted something BETTER! Even conventional front wheel drive swaps leave me curious about the general vulnerability of axle clearance and/ or how the filter just dangles.

    The block adapter eliminates the need to run a traditional adapter, like my universal piece, on the end of the cast OEM piece and then trying to figure out the safest way to route lines. Not that my universal piece is ugly or anything... it just looks ugly stacked on the end of that long original oil filter mount and when compared to this... its any EASY choice! 

    The block adapter has machined “IN” & “OUT” markings, -10 ORB inlet/outlet ports, all the intricate pockets and passages that make up the VTEC oil pressure system as well as VTEC pressure switch and VTEC spool valve assembly mounts, and is machined to accept the OEM filter screen gasket. You can choose from a number of port fittings that have been selected to work in the tight space and I highly recommend picking from the list as many fitting options on the market may not work! 

    CNC machined from US milled 6061-T6 aluminum to exacting tolerances and incorporating all the critical features and passages that the OEM unit has but with the benefit of a -10 ORB in and out port! Just transfer over all of your equipment, order my universal remote oil filter mount and you're good to go! Please note that that I personally have not confirmed that this works with late model crank pulley dampers; I have received feedback from clients that it fits but yet to see pictures. Early model pulley has two ribbed pulley rings and the late model only has one. 

    90°-10 ORB to -10 Male Flare

    90°-10 ORB to -10 Male Flare Ultra Low Profile

    90°-10 ORB to -10 Male Swivel Flare

    90°-10 ORB to -10 Swivel Hose

    EXAMPLE: Shown with 2 x 90°-10 ORB to -10 Swivel Hose