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TracTuff J Series RWD Water Pump Inlet -V1


My V2 J Series water neck flanges and anything made using those flanges don't have a means of holding the OEM water pipe and lets face it, do you really want to deal with additional plumbing coming out against the firewall?  

The water pump inlet starts with an o-ringed bushing that is machined to fit in the block and is welded to a 1-1/4" u-bend. The assembly is held in place with a billet mount that attaches to each of the cam gear cover backing plates. The slotted mounting holes give some flexibility with misalignment as well as accommodate for engines that may have had cylinder heads resurfaced or a decked block.

Choose between 1-1/4" standard hose, -16 male flare, or -20 male flare connections and add a heater return bung for the return of coolant from a heater core.

NOTE: Made to Order - Contact for ETA - J Series water pump inlet tube comes very close to the factory intake manifold runners. I don't recommend this product with larger aftermarket runners but if you must find a solution... I would try the DIY kit. This product not compatible with my through the valley exit water neck. Please use the V2 water pump inlet.