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TracTuff J Series Water Neck Flanges - V2


The J Series engine has been finding its way into a number of rear wheel drive swaps and I've seen some real creative solutions to make the engine fit up against the firewall; some were convoluted and others looked like they would hurt water flow so I decided to jump in and take a stab at it!

By far the most complicated water neck set I have made to date. In order to make the set as compact as possible and still produce something that would move water on a motor that's making more power than it did originally, I had to be mindful of the passages. As much as I didn't want too... for cost reasons, I had to make a low profile camshaft thrust cover, its as thick as the head of the hardware (.1712") and it allows the water neck to go over the cover without making the neck taller or going under and creating an air pocket.

The two bolt neck had to be taller to line up with the four bolt neck (due to offset cylinder heads) so the two would line up without a custom molded hose. Further complicating things, the flanges had to have an offset water passage that is slightly higher than the cylinder head outlet ports in order for the flanges to clear the edge of the blocks deck... but it all paid off because the combo only takes up 2.10" of space!

The four bolt flange uses an OEM gasket (included), incorporates an early M12 x 1.5 J Series ECT sensor port, a 1/8" NPT accessory port, and has a -16 ORB outlet. The ORB outlet will allow you to choose between a 1.25" hose, a standard -16 male flare or my custom "long" -16 male flare fitting to make your upper radiator hose connection. The two bolt flange uses an o-ring (included) to seal against the cylinder head and incorporates a -8 ORB outlet port. A custom -8 ORB to 11/16" hose fitting and plug are included so you can choose whether or not to connect a heater core. The flange to flange connection shown is optional... you can order it without any welded tube and associated hardware or as shown, with welded and bead-rolled tubes that face each other, a section of fiber reinforced silicone hose and stainless hose clamps.  

NOTE: These unique flanges do not have the means to hold the water pump inlet tube like the V1 flanges so you will need to run the J Series Water Pump Inlet or come up with your own solution. I also offer a side exit option that routes the outlet along the driver-side valve cover for those that are interested.