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TracTuff K Series Electric Water Pump Hose Kit - WP136S


This collection of fittings connect the TracTuff street water pump delete to the Meziere WP136S electric water pump when using the TracTuff electric water pump mount. The fittings chosen here, offer the best flow with the least amount of restriction, as well as clean looks and proper clearance for all popular alternators and center feed intake manifolds!

If you added the pump with inlet/ outlet fittings to your cart prior to looking it this kit, you will need to go back and remove it from your cart and  purchase just the pump and then add this kit

If you are ordering this hose kit for use with my K24A/ A2/ A4/ A8 pump mount and you want the hose that connects the pump to the water pump delete plate to be completely straight... choose the -16 male flare XL fitting. The -16 male flare XL fitting is .40" longer than the traditional -12 ORB to -16 male flare fittings and was specifically designed to get proper hose alignment. 

Kit Includes:

  • 2 x 90° Double Swivel Hose Ends
  • 1 x Length of 3-Ply Lightweight Performance Hose
  • 1 x -12 ORB to -16 Male Flare  OR -12 ORB to 1-1/4" Standard Hose Inlet Port Fitting 
  • 1 x -12 ORB to -16 Male Flare OR -12 ORB to -16 Male Flare XL Outlet Port Fitting (not shown)
  • Does NOT come assembled as shown

EXAMPLE: Pump with -16 Male Flare Inlet/ Outlet Fittings

EXAMPLE: Pump with -16 Male Flare Outlet  and 1.25" Standard Hose Inlet Port Fittings