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TracTuff M28 to -10 AN Adapter


The M28 x 1.0 to -10 male flare adapter is a direct screw in port adapter for the K Series block water drain just above the oil filter mount. 

Originally offered for my customers that are using my Extreme Clearance Water Neck kits on blocks that are also using an OEM oil cooler or my water pump/ block port adapters and are looking for a way to get water to their heater core. Also a useful connection for anything that has an M28 x 1.00 thread and seals via the factory Honda crush washer. 

Please consider the k series thermostat port adapter or the k series water passage adapter to complete the coolant loop. Both of those products would be a low-side return.

NOTE: Made to Order - Please allow 48-72 hrs. for this product to ship. Due to the rather low demand, these start as brand new OEM plugs that have had the zinc stripped, nut machined off, a hole drilled, and a -10 male flare bung welded. This product requires the use of the Honda crush washer (90401-PR4-000) and you will want to paint the part to keep it from rusting. If you are not using an OEM oil cooler or my water pump/ block port adapters and you need this connection, look at my less expensive option that uses the M18 thread inside that same port.