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TracTuff K Series Water Pump/ Block Port Adapter


TracTuff K Series Water Pump/ Block Port Adapter. What are they? Why do I need them? Have you ever wanted/ needed to run water through something? That is what these are for. You need them because they complete a circuit, meaning your not taking water from a high-pressure port and trying to return that water back to another high-pressure port. Routing two high pressure ports to the same accessory wont allow water to actually move  through whatever it is that your trying to move it through! The two high-pressure ports meet in the middle and the water just sits! 

These adapters allow you to plumb the high-pressure (block) port to your accessory and then route the return from your accessory to a point that actually pulls the water through, creating a complete circuit. If you are not running the OEM oil cooled k series water pump, don't worry... you can use the thermostat port adapter to complete that circuit! Still running heat? You'll have to T off of this somehow.

Machined from US milled 6061 aluminum. The backside has a o-ring register and it seals using an OEM o-ring. The same part fits both the block and the water pump so order both... of if you'd like to block these factory in/ out ports completely, check out my block-off version!

Includes a stainless steel button head bolt and Genuine Honda o-ring.