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TracTuff K Series Thermostat Housing Port Adapter


TracTuff K Series Thermostat Port Adapters are the ONLY solution for those of you looking to retain in-cabin heat with some of my swirl pots, or get around crazy sidewinder turbo manifolds, or in rear wheel drive swaps where the tube would otherwise hit the firewall. 

Available in your choice of -6 male flare, -10 male flare, or 5/8" slip hose (not shown) connection. Includes a -210 o-ring and o-ring groove for a positive seal in the OEM housing and stainless steel safety-wire to retain it. Remember, these fittings should be used as a return as they are constantly pulling water from what they are connected to.

Please consider the my M18 and M20 and water passage adapter for a high-pressure feed.

  • -6 is equal to a metal tube with an OD of 3/8" (.3750")
  • -8 is equal to a metal tube with an OD of 1/2" (.5000")
  • -10 is equal to a metal tube with an OD of 5/8" (.6250")
  • -12 is equal to a metal tube with an OD of 3/4" (.7500")

Not all "AN" hose is the same and there will be variances from manufacture to manufacture as well as in different types of hose from the same manufacture.

EXAMPLE: XRP Pushlock hose has an ID of 3/8" for -6, 1/2" for -8, 5/8" for -10, 3/4" for -12 but the XRP CPE and XR-31 hose has an ID of 11/32" for -6, 7/16" for -8, 9/16" for -10, 11/16" for -12.

Installation Instructions:

1. Drill (bit included) a hole 1/16" to 1/8" from the top edge. 

2. Install the o-ring on the fitting and install the fitting into the housing. A little WD40 helps a lot!

3. Grab the stainless safety wire (included), straighten it out, and put a small hook on one end.

4. Fish the hooked end of the stainless safety wire through the grove in the fitting and the hole in the housing and pull approx. 2.00" through.

5. Create a loop with the long end, finishing with the short leg BEHIND the long leg. 

6. Wrap the loop around the threaded base of the fitting and pull snugly unto the grove.

7. Join the two ends by pulling the upper end down to the lower end. Grab safety wire pliers or something you can hold the two wires with and twist the pair several times. 

8. Cut the excess wire back around the 6th or 7th twist and curl the end so you dont have a sharp end sticking out. You'll thank me later!